What I like!

Just a small -and messy- gallery of images that showcase things and characters I like (just because I'm too lazy to make those "shrine" thingies). Some images will have a source beneath them if you wanna know where they came from, but most of the blogs where I got them are now gone (from the old Tumblr days!) so I will be hosting those in imgBB. I don't take credit for any of these. That said... hope we have things in common! ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ

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My pets!

And just because I can put it in here, look at these cuties! I love them so much... even if they destroy all my Halloween and mushroom ceramic figurines (。•́︿•̀。)

Their names are (in order): Moli, Richi, and Milo