Singleplayer Games

I usually prefer to play online games with my friends. That way I can be a flammer and yell at them and stuff... BUT, I do like a good singleplayer from time to time because they let me explore and get achievements at my own pace. So here's a list of singleplayer (or mainly singleplayer) games that I really REALLY liked.

Tales of Symphonia

Release date: August 2003

Ok, so THIS IS THE GAME. My all time favorite game. Hands down the best game I (remember, "I") have played. And I can't even begin to describe why is it that I liked it so much but I must have played it like 10 times back in the day and 2 more times later on with over 300+ hours of gameplay EACH time. The game isn't even that long so I don't know why I always spent so much time playing it.
The characters are charming. The music is awesome. And also, I don't like JRPGs that much because turn-based combat throws me off a bit, but this one is an action RPG so no turns for me! yay!

Sonic Heroes

Release date: December 2003

If you're planning on playing it, I must warn you it has a LOT of bugs. You know, the fun ones that let you pass right through walls, fall into the ocean and die. 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 But it was part of my childhood and I love it! I remember going into the media menu and I would dance on top of my bed while 'Follow me' or 'This Machine' were playing as hard as I could without getting scolded by my mom.

Simpler times. I wish it was on Steam.
Also, technically this is a multiplayer too, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Ruined King

Release date: November 2021

As a long time League of Legends player, I LOVED THIS GAME so much! First of all, Miss Fortune and Braum have always been one of my obscure and unpopular ships (mainly because those two never interacted in the OG game so the ship itself didn't make sense... UNTIL), then ruined king came and now at least I can hope for some fanart!
Um... anyway, the game is great. The gameplay reminded me of Child of Light (which was also great).


Release date: September 2020


Little Nightmares I / II

Release date: Apr 2017 / Feb 2021



Release date: October 2012


A Short Hike

Release date: April 2019


The Beginner's Guide

Release date: October 2015


Child of Light

Release date: April 2014


Ori and the Blind Forest

Release date: March 2015



Release date: December 2018


TLOZ: The Wind Waker

Release date: December 2002


TLOZ: Breath of the Wild

Release date: March 2017


Luigi's Mansion

Release date: September 2001


Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Release date: July 2004


Permanently working on this list... !